Nationally Awarded Teacher – Ms. Black

Inter-State Studios awarded Bethany Black, a kindergarten teacher at American Leadership Academy's Queen Creek Elementary campus, the Teacher of the Year Award on August 1, 2016. Black is in her fifth year as a kindergarten teacher with American Leadership Academy (ALA).

Inter-State Studios has provided school picture services for over 85 years throughout the United States. They provide photo services for thousands of schools nationally. Each year parents and coworkers are invited to write a letter about an exceptional teacher that has and does make a difference in the lives of their children.

Of the thousands of letters received, three are chosen to receive an award for exceptional service to students, families, and their school. These awards are selected nationally and only one teacher receives the Grand Prize annually in the nation. Trish Cozad, Operations manager of Inter-State Studio's Phoenix office said, "We are proud to be a part of the ALA schools and to have one of their own teachers recognized."

Black was nominated by one of her parents who stated in her letter, "I have a six year old son who is proud to be Ms. Black's student. She loves him, she accepts him just the way he is, and he is excelling because of it. There are no limitations as to what my son can accomplish, and that is because Ms. Black never placed limitations on herself. All of Ms. Black's students believe they can learn, know they are loved, and are prepared for success moving forward. As most children's first school experience, her impact is beyond measurable, and she has been the answer to my prayers."