QC Senior Yearbook Photos

QC Senior Yearbook Photos

Requirements for Senior Photos

This year, seniors will be allowed to submit their own portrait to be used in the yearbook.  Seniors are NOT REQUIRED to use a professional photographer, but their portrait must meet the requirements listed below. Also, if no portrait is submitted, their campus portrait taken at the beginning of the school year will be used.

We feel this will align ALA with a common practice, provide an opportunity for self expression, and create variety in the yearbook.

Mr. Smith and the students of the Photo 2 class will be providing a limited number of senior portrait sessions as a low-cost option and fundraiser.


  • Color (no black and white, sepia, etc…)
  • No full-body shots. Should include head, shoulders, and portion of torso (see
  • Meet ALA dress standards
  • No other people in the photo
  • Vertical (portrait) orientation, not horizontal (landscape)
  • Senior should be looking directly at the camera
  • No props or distracting gestures/poses
  • High resolution (at least 3000 pixels on the long edge, or roughly 6 Megapixels)
  • Submitted as a JPG via email to asmith@alaschools by December 1st, 2016 diagram below)
  • Email must include senior’s first and last name.

Essentially, the photo should look professional and show the senior looking their best. These will be displayed prominently in this year’s yearbook and will be viewed for years to come.

Senior Photo Requirements Crop

It is suggested that you bring this form to your photographer when getting your picture taken. If you have any questions or are interested in supporting the ALA Photo classes, please contact Mr. Alma Smith directly at asmith@alaschools.org.