“A” Rated. Time-Proven. Leadership Based. Designed for Excellence.

At American Leadership Academy, we take our responsibility to educate seriously. In fact, it is our mission to provide the best educational experience to as many students as possible in a moral and wholesome environment. Our curriculum is designed to fulfill that mission.

Our highly qualified teachers and staff work hard every day to engage our students, helping them to become active participants in their own education.

Highlights of the ALA academic experience:

  • “A” rated district, according to the Arizona Department of Education
  • Accredited status opens doors for college admission
  • Core Knowledge (not Common Core) curriculum, for comprehensive, in-depth learning
  • Saxon math, widely considered to effectively teach essential mathematical concepts
  • Students taught material generally considered to be a year ahead of their grade level
  • Strong focus on literacy and mathematics at all levels
  • Time-proven, traditional classroom approach
  • RAISE Leadership curriculum incorporated into daily learning
  • Lessons planned for optimal engagement
  • Lessons presented in small, manageable pieces that allow for quick mastery
  • Well-rounded curriculum with opportunities to dive deep into multiple subjects
  • Extracurriculars available and encouraged, including sports, fine arts, and foreign languages
  • Before and after school tutoring programs available

We have worked hard to create a learning environment that allows every student to thrive. Come and see the difference for yourself on a campus tour. We look forward to meeting you!

 Our Philosophy

Advanced Academic Program

All children deserve access to an educational experience that will prepare them for a fulfilling life beyond high school. We know that students achieve success with an advanced academic program when time is spent learning within a safe environment that is fostered by caring teachers and administrators. Students have shown that they can achieve a grade level ahead when provided with the proper supports. These supports include:

  • Additional time during the school day for reinforced teaching and enrichment of language arts and math concepts at all levels K-12
  • Before and after school tutoring
  • Daily homework to reinforce concepts taught during the school day