The Entrepreneurship Launchpad

The Entrepreneurship Launchpad is a one year, hands-on business and leadership course. Students work in teams to start and operate income generating activities of their choice, using practical tools learned throughout the course. The Launchpad is designed to make education relevant.

The Launchpad includes guest lectures given by entrepreneurs, executives, and industry leaders from the local community. Students will also participate in lectures offered by researchers from the nation’s elite universities. Involvement in this course will expand students’ networking opportunities with experienced entrepreneurs and community leaders.

The Launchpad gives students the opportunity to Learn practical skills that mean more than just a grade on their transcripts but will help them excel and become self-reliant in the future. We’re preparing our students to Lead themselves and others. The leadership skills shared in this course align with ALA’s RAISE (Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service, Excellence) values that we teach and model, and our students commit to exemplify. Becoming leaders and entrepreneurs gives our students the opportunity to Change the World. The more our students interact with the community, find ways to solve problems, and reach out to others, the greater force for good they will become.

How Can Your Student Participate?

Starting Fall 2017, the Entrepreneurship Launchpad will be offered at the Gilbert and Ironwood High School campuses. Interested juniors and seniors at these campuses should talk to their campus counselor.

The Entrepreneurship Launchpad will be available at all three ALA high school campuses starting Fall 2018.