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Paul Sinclair Director

Paul Sinclair Director


Angi Coleman Assistant Director

Angi Coleman Assistant Director

Welcome to our Mesa K-6 Campus

Changes to Lunch Menu

Mrs. Medrano has made several adjustments to our lunch menu to better accommodate the needs of our campus.  You can easily access our menu here or visit our Resources page at any time (


A Message from Mr. Sinclair

With the commencement of the New Year, many of us will look back on the last year and take stock of what went well, and where we would like to improve. One area that comes up again and again is that of technology use. I see kids standing next to each other, not talking, they are intensely focused on their phones. Kids don’t go outside; they would rather play video games or watch TV. A friend of mine called them “digital distractions”. While technology has the ability to bless our lives, it can also be a cancer that damages our relationships and social interactions.

I had the opportunity to live in Colombia for a couple of years. While there, they were suffering from a poor electrical grid, and not enough electricity to go around. Their solution was to ration the power to the people. Rich areas would get power in the day, while the lower income areas would get theirs overnight. In one of the towns I stayed in they had electricity from 2am to 4am. That was just enough time to get the fridge cold, if they had one. I remember every night families would gather in front of their homes and just talk to each other or play games. When it got dark, the neighborhood streets were filled with the sounds of playing and people socializing. This represented quite a change for them; in the past they would watch TV or sporting events in the evening. The power rationing went on for about 9 months. Finally, it was announced that the power problem was about to be solved. I remember a father who said to me, “I do not want them to fix the power”. I was shocked by his statement. Not having electricity significantly reduced their quality of life in my mind. No hot showers, TV, cold refrigerators, hot food, etc… I asked him why he felt that way when it was so clear that his life would improve dramatically as a result of having power on 24/7. He told me that for the first time his family was close. They were talking, playing games, and just spending time together because there was nothing to distract them from what really mattered. That, to him, was worth far more than the modern conveniences of electricity.

Growing up, my parents only allowed TV on Friday nights from 7-9pm. At the time, I thought this was their way of being mean to us kids. Now, however, I see the wisdom of their decision. This year, let’s reduce our “digital distractions” and focus on what matters most, family. Remember that to spend more time with the family, you will have to spend less time on something else. Review your life and determine what your low value distractions are. Plan to trade them for high value time, family time. You will never regret the time you invest in them.
Happy New Years!

Paul Sinclair

Highlights from Our Veterans Day Celebration

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Our charter schools were designed with a vision to provide the best educational experience to as many students as possible in a moral and wholesome environment. Are you exploring local schools or seeking a charter school K-6 or charter junior high and high school for your child? For the 2015 – 2016 school year, we will have 8 campus locations in the state of Arizona.  Our campuses are located in Gilbert, Mesa, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek and Anthem South.

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