School Safety – 15 Questions to Ask Your School Administrator

School Safety – 15 Questions to Ask Your School Administrator

School safety is something that parents commonly overlook and simply take for granted. But safety needs to be at the forefront of every parent’s mind. How safe a school is, is a reflection of the school’s climate, it’s services, and even its instruction. Students need to feel safe at school and parents need to know that schools are doing everything possible to ensure student safety.

The following should be the parents checklist and questionnaire to evaluate a school’s safety:

  1. Do parents have access to reports that include information about the number of violent or other unsafe incidents at the school?
  2. Does your school have procedures for responding quickly to unsafe situations?
  3. Is your school addressing ways to prevent as well as respond to crises?
  4. Are the school board, school principal, school superintendent, teachers, school staff, parents, students, and community professionals all involved in these efforts?
  5. Has someone been designated to coordinate activities to maintain a safe and healthy environment?
  6. Are counselors and psychologists available to work with students who are troubled or disruptive?
  7. Do students in all grades participate in classes to help them develop conflict resolution and other life skills?
  8. Do school health service providers help or refer students who come to them with concerns about safety?
  9. Does the school emphasize promoting self-esteem and respect for others in all aspects of the school program?
  10. Are parents and students involved in activities that promote school safety?
  11. Are teachers encouraged to set examples of positive physical, social, and emotional health?
  12. Does the school have fair, firm, consistent discipline policies?
  13. Are school facilities attractive and hazard-free?
  14. Is safety addressed in all aspects of the school program-the cafeteria, physical education, classrooms, playgrounds, after-school programs, etc.?
  15. Do school staff, parents, and community members working on school safety collaborate?

Schools that are committed to the welfare of their students will take no exception to addressing any of the questions and any hesitation to any of the questions should give pause to whether the school is right for any child.

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