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2017-2018 Transportation Information and Fees

* All routes and fees are subject to change for 2017-18 based on demand and availability.*


2017 -2018 School Year Transportation Requests

For the 2017 – 2018 school year, all transportation requests will be done online through the enrollment or re-enrollment processes. Paper forms will not be accepted.  If you have questions, please contact our transportation department at


About Us

The ALA transportation department provides safe transportation of students to and from school and activity trips at all 8 campuses with a fleet of 15 buses, and drivers who are among the most well trained in Arizona.

Keeping children safe is our number one priority. When parents put their child on a bus, they’re trusting that their children will return to them safe and sound. Every day, the school bus repays that trust over and over again. Simply put, the school bus is the safest way to school. The federal government has conducted studies with results proving children are nearly eight times safer riding in a school bus then in a car.


Shuttle and Route Fees

Route Fee

Bus Route – Links to specific bus routes, stops, and pick-up/drop off times can be found on the menu on the left hand side of this page.  They are labeled by geographic location not by specific school names. Once your request is submitted and approved through the registration process, we will confirm a bus stop closest to you based on the address you have provided.

  • Individual Bus Route per month $50/**$500 per year
  • Family (2 or more riders) Bus Route per month $85/**$850 per year]
  • 1 Way Individual Route Rider per month $30/*$300 per year
  • 1 Way Family Route per month $50/*$500 per year

Shuttle Only Fee

Shuttle Only -This is from Campus to Campus only. Please check the campus your Student(s) will be picked up or dropped off at (If student(s) are on a regular route, this will already be included and you do not need to mark.)

  • Individual Rider per month $25 /*$250 per year
  • Family (2 or more) Riders per month $40/*$400 per year
  • 1 Way Individual Rider per month $15/*$150 per year
  • 1 Way Family Riders per month $25/*$250 per year

**$100 off Transportation Fee for Family and Individual full routes only that are Paid In Full by August 31st. *10% off all other Transportation Fees that are Paid In Full within first month of start date.


All Monthly Fees are prorated from Aug-May and will not vary when school is in session a partial month Payments can be made online through your students Infinite Campus account with Credit/Debit Cards or you may also make payments with cash or check at any ALA campus front office or by mail. A Transportation Fee will be added to your Infinite Campus account each month while utilizing school transportation. You are expected to make monthly payments or full payment is an option at the first of school. Monthly payments are due before the end of each month. Contact Transportation if wanting to make payment larger than the monthly fee.

All payments will be recorded per household under the oldest student’s name in your Infinite Campus account. A reminder will be sent to you, but it is your responsibility to pay your transportation fees each month or contact the Transportation Department if special arrangements need to be made. Delinquent monthly transportation fees will jeopardize your continued used of transportation during the school year. Unpaid balances at the end of school year will remain in your Infinite Campus account and will eliminate your eligibility for future transportation until paid in full.

Bus Stops

Stops are determined by general location of students and state regulation for school buses. Typically stop locations are within subdivisions near parks or common areas for safety. Please have students at bus stop 5 min. before scheduled pickup time. Due to limited bus routes and time, we are not able to make stops to accommodate every family’s need to have stops closer to home. Bus routes and stops are subject to change year to year based off the requests that are received when forming routes.

Submitting a Transportation Request

For the 2017 – 2018 school year, all transportation requests will be done online through the enrollment or re-enrollment processes. Paper forms will not be accepted.  If you have questions, please contact our transportation department at

Bus Requests

Transportation Requests will be handled on a first come basis. Because we do not receive state funding for our Transportation, routes and stops are determined by the need in selected areas to accommodate the largest group of students. We also factor in the time students spend on the bus and getting them to school on time. It is vital to charge and collect these fees in order for ALA to offer this service to you. You will be notified by email if your request has been accepted. If no email address given, you will be notified by mail. Student will not be allowed on the bus if we do not have a complete 2016-17 online request form on file and name(s) added to driver roster.


Once your student(s) have been approved and assigned a route, this will not guarantee availability for your student(s) if you move outside boundaries of current route. \Approval process will start over with possibility of being added to a wait list. Any Changes made to a Transportation Request Form must be made by the person(s) whose name appears on the form and cleared with Transportation 2 business days before the change is made. If a student needs to utilize transportation for a day who is not signed up, Transportation has to contacted before student can ride to make sure there is room on the bus. A note from parent/guardian must be given to the driver after clearance from transportation.


If your student(s) longer need transportation, you must submit a written or verbal notice 1 week prior to cancellation date to have students name removed from roster and any additional fee’s added in Infinite Campus. Fee adjustments will be made according to cancellation date. All inactive and canceled bus requests will be kept on file until the end of the current school year. A new bus request will not need to be filled out when making request changes or reactivating canceled services. This can be done by calling the Transportation Office at 480-987-4500 ext 1206 or emailing us at

Safety and Surveillance

Some ALA school buses and student transportation vehicles are equipped with video surveillance camera systems for the primary purpose of enhancing the safety of students and staff. Viewing of videos is restricted to ALA personnel on a legitimate need-to-know basis.