Purchase Flamingos for your ALA friend!

PURCHASE FLAMINGOS: project100pink.alaschools.org

It is the perfect time of year to let someone know that you are happy they are a part of our Patriot flock at ALAQC! Promote kindness and unity by purchasing a flock of flamingos to make someone's day!! Place your order at project100pink.alaschools.org. A portion of the proceeds will support Teen Lifeline suicide prevention.

Project 100 started when ALA Queen Creek High School's Student Body President, Kasen Rogers, challenged the entire school to make 100 new friends during the school year. Project 100 is about making REAL friends and not friends made over the internet or on social media platforms, but friends that you connect with and develop lasting relationships with, friends you have face to face conversations with. Project 100 encourages students to step outside their comfort zones and sit with someone who is alone at lunch, start a conversation with someone they may not know very well, or invite a new friend to a football game. In the few, short months since Project 100's launch, we've seen more friendship and unity at our campus.