Exceptional Student Services

American Leadership Academy strives to offer the best education to all our students, regardless of need or ability. We treat our students as family; it is important to us that they are all given the opportunity to thrive.

Through our Exceptional Student Services (ESS), we are able to more closely tailor a student’s education to his or her special needs. This gives these students every chance to play their part in our vision to learn, lead, and change the world.

What services does ALA provide for students with exceptional needs?

ALA works to find and appropriately serve students with exceptional needs. This involves screening and identification, as well as creating an environment and providing services to help students learn and progress.

Depending on a student’s needs (as detailed in his or her IEP), services may include atmosphere and curriculum modification.

How does ALA ensure the needs of exceptional students are consistently met?

Site coordinators at ALA campuses are tasked with overseeing and supporting each campus’s ESS department. We hire dedicated staff who develop a relationship with their students and work to support them in achieving the goals stated in their IEPs.

How do I know if my student has exceptional needs?

ALA conducts routine screenings to test vision, hearing, and academic progress. Overall education screenings are performed within 45 days of enrollment; parents will be notified if any concerns arise.

We want to help exceptional students—and their exceptional families—get through the education process happily and successfully. To see first hand how ALA’s moral and wholesome environment allows our students to thrive, schedule a tour of one of our campuses today. We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you might have.

For more questions specific to ESS, contact Kristina Harmon, Interim Director of ESS, at 602-677-2503 or kharmon@alaschools.org.

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