Providing the Best Educational Experience To ALA Students In An Online Environment

Introducing American Leadership Academy - Virtual

American Leadership Academy - Virtual is now pleased to offer several online courses for 9-12th grade students through our new campus: American Leadership Academy - Virtual. During the 20-21 school year, these courses will mainly serve as Credit Recovery or Credit Replacement courses.

What is American Leadership Academy - Virtual?

American Leadership Academy - Virtual will allow students to complete courses in a virtual setting during the first or second semester of school. Students will continue to be enrolled at their original ALA High School campus with a schedule of up to 7 courses.

Courses offered through ALA-Virtual for 2020-2021:

Convenient Option for Student Success

Should your student enroll in ALA -Virtual, s/he would also be enrolled simultaneously at his/her current ALA High School campus and continue with courses planned for the 2020-2021 school year.


Graduate On-Time With ALA -Virtual

Students have many different options to ensure the completion of courses for graduation; we are pleased to include ALA -Virtual as a new convenient option for students to complete their courses virtually on their own time.

Is ALA-Virtual right for my student?

We encourage you to contact your ALA high school campus student advisement department for more information or to determine the best options for your student’s graduation track. As ALA -Virtualcontinues to grow, course options will increase to include the ability to provide a completely virtual educational experience while incorporating the American Leadership Academy RAISE values.