Intramural Sports

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Intramural Sports is a coed sports program offered at all ALA elementary schools for students grades 1st-6th.  ALA students will participate in team sport competitions against other ALA elementary schools each season. Each sport/season costs $100/student. Our early bird special drops the price to $85/sport/season, plus, students receive a free jersey! 

We will offer a variety of sports including basketball, track & field, flag football, volleyball and soccer. These sports provide a great opportunity for physical activity while promoting wellness, healthy competition and friendship. Sign up your athlete today! For instructions on how to navigate the online registration software,  download this sheet or contact Mr. Brook, Director of Intramural Sports, directly (details at the bottom of this page). 

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Flag Football - Winter Season

One of American Leadership Academy’s more popular intramural team sports, flag football is all about building athletic skill and knowledge of the game. Less physically risky than tackle football, flag football gives students a chance to try their hand at football in a more relaxed setting. Though flag football can be intimidating for younger students, we see it as a great way to help them build some confidence and experience what it feels like to really be part of a team. Flag football is also a game that’s full of planning and strategy, making it a great workout for the mind, as well as the body. And with a program that’s focused as much on fun and sportsmanship as it is on competition, our students all walk off the field as winners. Touchdown!

*Intramural flag football is open to 1st through 6th grade students.

Download the 1st-3rd grade game schedule 

Download the 4th-6th grade game schedule

Basketball (2019 Fall Season Ended)

Basketball is a fast-paced, energetic team sport that teaches coordination, teamwork, and athleticism. Intramural basketball at American Leadership Academy  is not meant to be overly competitive; rather, it’s meant to give students an opportunity to learn more about the sport. Basketball teams will focus on various skills and strategies, while also placing a heavy emphasis on sportsmanship and teamwork. We encourage all interested students, regardless of experience level, to join an intramural basketball team.  See you on the court!

*Intramural basketball is open to 5th and 6th grade students. 

Track & Field (2019 Winter Season Ended)

Looking for a sport that teaches strength, endurance, and sportsmanship all at once? Track and field is the perfect option. With activities ranging from hurdles to high jump, track and field is an excellent choice for kids who want to be active and who enjoy working toward new goals. While track and field is a great way to build individual confidence, it’s also excellent for developing sportsmanship and camaraderie. We love seeing track and field students encourage each other, inspire each other, and push themselves to new limits. These kids (literally) go the distance! '

Track & Field Events

  • 500-Yard Dash 
  • 100-Yard Dash 
  • 200-Yard Dash 
  • 400-Yard Run 
  • Long Jump 
  • Soft Ball Throw

*Intramural track and field is open to 1st through 6th grade students.


Fast-paced and challenging, volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of coordination and precision, along with a lot of teamwork. In volleyball, each member of the team is important, and our teams learn to trust each other and cheer each other on. As we work on the basics of volleyball, our team members improve hand eye coordination, spatial awareness, and overall strength. While other volleyball programs can be extremely competitive, it’s important to us to create a volleyball environment that is positive and inclusive, where each player feels empowered to do his or her best.  

*Intramural volleyball is open to 5th and 6th grade students.


As the world’s most popular sport, soccer seems to be loved both boys and girls of all ages. As a sport that requires a lot of endurance, soccer is a fun way to encourage movement and exercise in young children. In soccer, teamwork is absolutely essential, and we place a lot of focus on building that teamwork, even as we also work to build skills and a love of the sport. Soccer is a very approachable beginner sport and is easy for newcomers to pick up, which is why even younger children enjoy playing. Overall, soccer is an excellent intramural sport for just about anyone.

*Intramural soccer is open to 1st through 6th grade students.

Intramural Sports contact information

Coach Brian Brooke

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