Health Departments at American Leadership Academy

Every department at American Leadership Academy plays an important role in a student’s educational experience, and contributes to our moral and wholesome environment. This extends outside the classroom, into our administration and student services. The health department is similarly committed to our mission and vision, contributing to our students’ success by keeping our campus healthy and thriving.

Health aides at ALA

As cherished members of our staff, ALA health aides come to know and love the students they serve—and the students know and love them in return. Each health aide at every campus is committed to protecting and helping our students, contributing to an environment that is optimized for learning.

Health policies at ALA

Health policies—including how long students need to stay home following an illness—differ based on the illness in question. In general, you should know that:

  • Health aides are not able to diagnose illness, and may refer you to your family doctor if an illness is suspected
  • Health aides consider it their first priority to maintain the health and safety of all students and staff

Please review the following documents regarding ALA Health policies

Special health concerns

If you have questions about special health concerns for your child (daily medications, epipens, inhalers, immunization requirements, etc.) contact your campus health aide.

Working together with students and parents, our health departments can create campuses that are safe and healthy learning environments.

If you’d like to tour one of our campuses, or if you have further questions about our health department policies, schedule a campus tour. We’d love to talk to you about any concerns you might have about your child’s health at school.


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