McKinney-Vento Homeless Act at American Leadership Academy

Every student at American Leadership Academy is given the opportunity to receive the best educational experience possible in a moral and wholesome environment, no matter what personal or familial challenges they are facing. This includes students experiencing homelessness or transition.

What is the McKinney Vento Homeless Act?

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Act ensures educational rights for children experiencing homelessness or transition.

What is ALA Students in Transition?

ALA Students in Transition is our program for students transitioning from homelessness. This program allows for a shortened enrollment process as well as special accommodations for the student.

Who is considered homeless?

Students with an irregular or inadequate nighttime residence can be considered homeless. This may include:

  • Students living in shared housing due to loss of housing or financial hardship
  • Students living in public spaces, cars, hotels, or campgrounds due to lack of adequate accommodations
  • Students living in shelters or transitional housing
  • Students who live unaccompanied, whether they have run away or have been denied housing by their families
What rights do homeless students have?

Homeless students have the right to:

  • Free and appropriate education
  • Enrollment and attendance at school, even if typically required information is missing (e.g. permanent address)
  • Attend the school they last attended, if possible
  • Transportation to and from school (to the extent possible)

What resources are available to help ALA Students in Transition?

ALA’s staff works to provide resources and support to Students in Transition as soon as they are identified. This may include help providing uniforms, school supplies, and basic toiletries, as well as other forms of support. Needs will be identified on a case-by-case basis. For more information, contact our McKinney-Vento District Liaison, Kimberly Saffell, at 480-420-2101.

What should parents do during this transition?

Parents should contact their child’s current school and explain the situation. Obtain any records the school has (including immunization records) and provide the school with a new address, if possible. Also, enroll your child in school as soon as possible, to expedite the process and avoid problems.

We want to do our part in easing the educational burden of our students and their families. To see how ALA can benefit your student, schedule a campus tour today. We’d love to show you around and answer whatever questions you might have about the programs we offer. We look forward to meeting you!

Want to know more?
Download a copy of our McKinney-Vento Homeless Act brochure for more information.


Kimberly Saffell

McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison

480.420.2101 ext.1132 |