Snow College

Dual Enrollment

Accelerate your progress and earn your associate degree while in high school!

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Credit Transfer

Credits and degrees are transferable to all major Arizona universities. Not going to an Arizona school? Talk with your counselor about the transferability of credits to other universities.


$1,743 per semester, no matter how many classes you take! Most students take 4-5 classes each semester. 

Visit the Snow College website at to learn more about this amazing program. 

For more information about how to incorporate this program into your ALA graduation track, contact your student services advisor.

Student Steps

  • Register as a Snow College student at
  • Talk with your Snow College advisor about your plan.
  • Talk with your student services advisor about using a learning lab class on your ALA campus
  • Enroll in classes (aim for classes that fulfill ALA graduation requirements)
  • Pay the tuition
  • Work hard to get as many classes complete as possible.
  • You’re on your way to an associate degree