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Letter From the Director

Letter From the Director

Dear Titan Families,
It is a pleasure to be a part of the American Leadership Academy community and an honor to serve as your Director of Anthem South 7-12. Throughout my over two decades as a teacher and administrator, I've learned that the essential ingredient to student success is knowing they are loved and supported. With love blossoms, trust, confidence, motivation, and a desire to become the best version of oneself. I am delighted to work for an organization where the family is the basis for decision-making.
To meet the ALA mission of providing the best educational experiences in a moral and wholesome environment, we rely on teaching and modeling our RAISE values of Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service, and Excellence. By embodying these values, students develop leadership skills that allow them to excel in many facets of their lives.

The first academic year at ALA Anthem South promises to bring the challenges experienced in every new school and the opportunity to develop a positive campus culture, traditions, and relationships that will last for many years. I invite you to partner with me to help students thrive in their academics and personal development.

Mitch Henderson