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College Ready Courses

Preparing for College

Are you interested in being more prepared for the next steps of your education after high school? We’re here to help you earn your Associate Degree while in high school!

At ALA, we believe in preparing students for what’s next. With that goal in mind, we’re proud to offer our students a variety of opportunities to earn college credits while still in high school.

Dual Enrollment Courses

When students enroll in a dual enrollment course, they are staying on their ALA home campus with instruction provided by an ALA teacher who is qualified through the local community college to provide both high school and college instruction.

In order to earn college credit, students must apply to the community college (CGC, CAC, or GCC), pay the tuition, and earn a C or better in the course. You can find a list of our dual enrollment courses offered at each campus by reviewing the current Course Catalog and searching for DE courses. Courses are typically 3-5 credit hours and cost $85/$86 per credit hour. Schools in Maricopa county offer a grant to eligible students. Get started today by visiting the sites below. 

Concurrent Enrollment

Students may choose to take courses through a post-secondary institution for college credit. Students take courses on their own and, once completed, bring the transcripts to their ALA student services advisor to earn high school credits.

When choosing concurrent enrollment courses, be sure to check with your student services advisor to ensure your graduation requirements are being met.

AP Courses

In addition to dual enrollment courses, we offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes as well. At the end of an AP class, students who choose to do so take an AP exam. The results of this exam may allow students to “test out” of certain courses in their degree program. Please keep in mind that each college and university accepts AP classes differently, so you will want to discuss potential outcomes with your admissions counselor at your preferred post-secondary institution(s). Please consult our current Course Catalog for a list of offered AP courses.

Snow College

American Leadership Academy has also partnered with Snow College to offer students dual enrollment credit through Snow College’s online courses. Students attend a learning lab on campus and work on their Snow College courses during school hours. When students earn a C or better in the class, they present the transcripts to their student services advisor for ALA credit. Students may take as many classes as they would like each semester with a flat rate of $1,743, regardless of the number of credit hours students take. For more information, visit Snow College’s website.

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