Cosmetology Academy

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Hair Stylist / Hair Dresser

A hairstylist works in a salon or spa and cuts, colors, bleaches, and styles a client’s hair. They analyze and recommend styles or treatments in order to provide the right image the client is looking for.



Identifies cosmetic issues with skin and applies treatments such as facials, skin conditioning, and blemish extractions to improve skin.


What Is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the study of cosmetic treatments for hair, nails, and skin. Cosmetologists perform an essential role in helping people look and feel their best, and typically work in Beauty Salon spas or barbershops, but also work in retail locations like department stores, hotels, and cruise ships.

What Will I Be Doing?

Hairstylists are trained in proper hair cutting and styling, and color and dying techniques. Nail technicians make sure that their client’s fingernails and toenails are healthy and beautiful. Skin and makeup specialists provide treatments to make their client’s skin feel smooth, soft, and healthy while also applying makeup to make their clients look their best.

Hair Dye
Nails Painted

How To Know if Cosmetology Is for Me?

  • Do you enjoy helping and serving others?
  • Are you empathetic and patient?
  • Do you like helping people look and feel their best?

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