First Responder / Military Academy


Emergency Medical Services

Responsible for responding to emergencies where life is at risk and are often the first responders on scene to help treat victims.

Military Program

Beginning in January of 2023, Applied Technologies will provide students an opportunity to participate in a tuition-free military high school program in Arizona. This opportunity, which includes JROTC programs, is perfect for high school students that want to get a head start on a career in the military.

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Law & Public Safety

Responsible for serving and protecting the public and is often on the front lines of finding and apprehending law breakers. Law enforcement officers work within their local communities to build relationships & trust with residents.


What Is First Responder / Military?

First responders serve and protect their communities. Public Safety jobs keep people safe from crime in danger. Security careers are often found in the private sector providing additional security to businesses and schools.

In addition, students in the first responder academy will also have the opportunity to participate in a tuition-free military program. JROTC programs will be offered for high school students seeking to jump-start their careers in the military.

What Will I Be Doing?

Lawyers provide legal services to individuals charged with a crime or breaking the law.

Police officers keep their local community safe many times proactively preventing crimes in danger before it happens.

EMT personnel respond to medical emergencies often before other services arrive.

In the military program, students will gain military experience in a safe and traditional learning environment that will support them in building physical and mental preparedness, leadership, confidence, grit, survival skills, and so much more.

First Responders
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How to Know if First Responder / Military Is for Me?

  • Do you have a strong sense of right and wrong?
  • Are you full of courage, character, and integrity?
  • Are you compassionate and community-minded?
  • Are you interested in a career in the military or in gaining military experience?
  • Do you want to join a tuition-free military program?
  • Are you ready to become prepared for the military, college, your career, and beyond?

First Responder / Military are leaders in their communities. They step in to prevent problems from becoming serious, protect citizens from harm, and help those in need. Our society runs smoothly in large part because of the service provided by our first responder / military. In addition, this First Responder / Military program supports students in achieving their educational and professional goals by providing a wide variety of opportunities to apply their knowledge in the classroom through extracurricular activities and simulated field experiences.

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