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Culinary Arts

  • Culinary Arts students learn the methodologies and technical skills behind the art of preparing, cooking, presenting, and serving food. Students receive in-depth culinary training in topics including American Regional & Global cuisine, front and back-of-the-house operations, cost v. profit, as well as restaurant and kitchen management in fine dining environments.


Baking and Pastry

  • Baking and Pastry students are immersed in all areas of a professional baking environment, including baking techniques, food safety and sanitation, food service management, professionalism, teamwork, and communication.




    Culinary Arts and Baking Tracks

  • National Restaurant Association ServSafe Food Handlers Certification

  • National Restaurant Association ServSafe Food Protection Manager

  • American Culinary Federation Certified Fundamentals Cook





  • Chef

  • Nutritionist

  • Event Planner

  • Restaurant Owner

Program Coordinator

Tricia Benning, an Executive Chef with over 30 years of experience, holds dual Master’s Degrees in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership. Chef Benning previously served as a Private Chef for the Masters Golf Tournament and Executive Chef for the U.S. Air Force, bringing a wealth of talent and technical mastery to the Hospitality Academy at ALA Applied Technologies.