Applied Technologies, Student Services

Applied Technologies, Student Services

It is our mission to empower students to achieve academic excellence, to demonstrate moral character, and to fulfill Civic responsibilities. We believe that each student is capable of achieving their goals through dedication, leadership, and service. Whether you choose to go to a university, community college, technical school, a branch of the military, or enter the workforce, we are here to support and guide you along the way.

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Tanya Lindsey



Mesa K-6
Denise Ryan

Gilbert K-6
Alisha Faccio

Gilbert North K-6
Rebecca Ricedorff

Gilbert North 7-12
Amanda Augustine


Gilbert South K-6 
Stephanie Fillmore

Signal Butte K-6
Brooke Gilliland

Queen Creek K-6
Becky Randall

Queen Creek 7-12
Tamarah Taylor


San Tan Valley K-6
Becky Modjeski

Ironwood K-6
Britnee Culwell

Ironwood 7-12
Mary Smeltz


Anthem South K-6
Nadine Evans

Anthem South 7-12
Jamie Bauch


West Foothills K-6
Nicole Lipps

West Foothills 7-12
Amanda Brimhall


ALA Applied Technology 9-12
Tanya Lindsey


ALA-Virtual K-12
Robin Gore

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