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 Yearbook Order

To receive a yearbook, you must place an order online. No books will be sold on campus.

To guarantee a book, you must order before December 18th.


  • There are two options for Senior yearbook photo inclusion: 1) arrange a photo session with Lou Coopey here, or 2) submit a senior portrait to that meets the guidelines listed below. Senior portraits must be received no later than Friday, December 11 for inclusion in the yearbook.


  • Color photo (no black & white, sepia, etc.)
  • Torso up. No full body shots.
  • Look directly at the camera.
  • No hand signs.
  • No selfies.
  • No Snap-chat style filters.
  • No distracting gestures/poses.
  • No props.
  • No hats.
  • Meet ALA dress standards.
  • No text on clothing or photo.
  • Vertical (portrait) orientation.
  • 2x3 scale
  • High resolution.
  • No screenshots.
  • Submit as JPG or PNG file
  • Professional photographer not required.
  • School ID photo will be used in yearbook if portrait does not meet requirements or is not submitted by the due date.

Senior recognition Ads!

  • This year's seniors deserve so much recognition. A yearbook, especially a senior yearbook, is something to treasure forever. Make it even more special by honoring your student with a recognition ad.
  • Click here to get started.
  • A senior yearbook ad is the perfect way to commemorate your student's achievements and celebrate the milestone of high school graduation.
  • Deadline to order senior recognition ads is January 31, 2021.
  • To see previews of the yearbook and for reminders on sales information, follow the yearbook @alagnyearbook on Instagram.

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