Fine Arts

Fine Arts

At our Gilbert-North Campus, our students are extremely involved in our Fine Arts classes and extracurricular activities.  We have sought out teachers who are knowledgeable and passionate about their areas of study. You will also find that we offer the same courses of study that can be found at any of the surrounding public schools. We believe strongly in collaboration, and our departments often work together to provide the best possible events for our students and our audiences.

 Currently, there are over 1,400 students enrolled in Fine Arts Classes at  American Leadership Academy, Gilbert North 7-12

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“The arts are an essential element of education,  just like reading, writing, and arithmetic music, dance, art, and theater are all keys that unlock  profound human understanding and accomplishment.” 
~William Bennett, Former US Secretary of Education.

Fine Arts Mission Statement

The mission of the ALA Eagles Fine Arts Program is to achieve the highest standards performance and artistic excellence, and to instill in our students the significant role that the arts plays in the cultural, intellectual, and the social lives of young adults.

To foster RESPECT, fellowship and goodwill among its members, inspire students to strive for personal ACCOUNTABILITY, INTEGRITY, growth, and leadership, provide SERVICE to our community, and show EXCELLENCE in everything we do!


We are proud to offer comprehensive courses to our 7-12th graders. Including; General Art, Mixed Media, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Digital Photography and Graphic Design.

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Through Gilbert North 7-12's band program, students are able to foster RESPECT, inspiration, growth ,and leadership.

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GNHS has an award-winning Choir and provides a choral program both at the Junior and High School levels that allows students to learn, grow and hone their abilities throughout their educational experience.

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Our beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes help students learn about all genres of dance on and off the stage.

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Joining orchestra is an opportunity to be a part of a musical ensemble, work together to create beautiful music and strive for excellence. 

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Our theatre program is focused on leadership, engagement, and excellence. Get involved, today! 

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Some of Our Additional Arts Programs Include

  • Photography

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