Studies have shown that students who participate in extra-curricular activities have a marked improvement in their grades, time management and an increased sense of commitment  which is why American Leadership Academy, Gilbert South Pre-K-6 believes in exposing students to many activities throughout the week.  All of our elementary students participate weekly  in music, art, P.E., leadership/library, and technology classes.  Our 5th and 6th grade students get the opportunity to select band, choir, and  orchestra.  Our campus teachers go above and beyond to ensure that your child will get the very best out of their programs, your child will perform in music concerts and art galleries, develop students’ computer literacy,  join a variety of sports to engage their athletic abilities, and exposed to hundreds of great reading materials in our library.  

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Before and After School

Focused on providing our students with the best educational experience possible, we have fun and engaging before/after school activities. 

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Intramural Sports

American Leadership Academy's intramural sports program allows students to get active and involved with their school! Register for the upcoming sports season.

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Our student-led music program is designed to help student learn the fundamentals of music theory while building performance skills.

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We help students build their technological and collaborative skills. Learn about student tablets and Chromebooks.

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Our art class encompasses a variety of art periods, styles, and specific works of art and artists. 

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