Through the incorporation of mobile devices such as Tablets and Chromebooks and online tools which include Google Apps and videoconferencing, students in grade Pre-K-6 develop their technology skills and dispositions through collaborative inquiries. The goal is for students to leave American Leadership Academy, Gilbert South Pre-K-6 with the feeling that they can find, evaluate, and present information, and have the confidence that they can use technology independently.

Good teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason. It's about caring for your craft, having a passion for it, and conveying that passion to everyone, most importantly to your students. Mrs. Seiveno is exactly this teacher. 

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Meet Gilbert South’s Pre-K-6 Technology Teacher

Mrs. Seiveno is starting her 2nd year with the ALA team.  She is a passionate teachers who is  distinguished by their commitment to achievement of her students.  She  cultivates her students’ curiosity and interest in learning in and outside the classroom. Mrs. Seiveno is also our P.E. teacher.   

Mrs. Seiveno