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Our Security

If you are looking for a school that not only delivers excellence for education but also brings top notch safety and security look no further than American Leadership Academy!

School security is a very important component to the American Leadership Academy community. Our campuses are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all our students. To do this we incorporate two very important elements which are security cameras and badging systems. 

Badging Process

As our charter schools continue to grow in popularity, it's important to ensure that their security measures are up to par. One way to do this is by requiring all charter school employees, and visitors to wear a security badge. Security badges can help identify authorized personnel and help deter potential intruders. When a visitor does come in, they go through a security and screening process prior to getting a badge and getting granted access into the building. Those who have not been badged and checked in cannot be granted access as the doors will remain locked until this process is complete. 

Our Cameras

To ensure this component is being delivered we have security cameras on all of our campuses and take other measures to keep your children safe. The security camera systems we have in place are second to none and allow our staff to keep the schools monitored at all times. 

Our top of the line security cameras are well known for their high quality, durability, and easy installation. But more importantly, they're also known for their cutting-edge security features. 

For example, our cameras come with built-in facial recognition technology. This means that the cameras can automatically identify people by their face, making it easier to track down criminals after the fact. Additionally, our cameras come with tamper-proof security features. This means that the cameras cannot be disabled or removed without authorized access. This is an important security feature for schools, as it ensures that the security system cannot be easily defeated. Finally, our cameras offer cloud-based storage. This means that footage from the cameras can be accessed from anywhere from authorized staff in place to bring top notch security and surveillance at all times. 

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