Home of the Falcons

Welcome to American Leadership Academy, Virtual K-12, home of the Falcons. We are proud to offer Virtual education to students in the state of Arizona, with tuition-free, flexible learning options including online, hybrid or in person learning centers. Students enrolled at ALA Virtual are able to participate in athletics, extracurricular activities, and graduation ceremonies. ALA Virtual courses are NCAA and Cognia accredited. Together with the family, we will offer the best educational experience to as many students as possible in a moral and wholesome environment.

Our Campus

Learning Centers may provide K-12 students with a safe and secure environment, access to a reliable internet connection, and where students may be able to participate in peer-to-peer activities, in-person discussions and other activities with any of the ALA Virtual teachers and/or tutors.

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Learning Centers

Summer school courses are offered during the months of June and July, annually. These courses provide students the opportunity to recover credits, accelerate courses or enjoy learning in a fast-paced environment. All summer school courses are NCAA and Cognia Accredited.

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Summer School

ALA Virtual is proud to offer hybrid enrollment. Hybrid enrollment allows students to pursue College and Career opportunities, sports, personal interests and more while continuing their education. Courses are accessible 24/7 with asynchronous support.

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Hybrid Enrollment

Get the lunch, supply list, college, career, and campus information you're looking for in our "Parent Resources" page. Here we share information that American Leadership Academy, Virtual K-12 students, and parents are looking for.

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Meet the Director

Veronica Murray

Veronica Murray has been a part of the ALA Family since 2022. She joined ALA as the Assistant Director of Student Services at the new Applied Technologies campus. Prior to that, she worked in virtual education for fifteen years and was a virtual high school principal for eight of those years. Ms. Murray has been a part of virtual education from its infancy and is excited to return. Her extensive knowledge of the virtual world, her passion for seeing students succeed, and her dedication to the ALA Vision and Mission drive every decision and interaction she has. 

Ms. Murray graduated from ASU with a bachelor's degree in English and in Secondary Education. She began her career in Gilbert teaching junior high English. She has a master's in Education from International Baptist College and Seminary and is pursuing her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Liberty University.

Ms. Murray has two teenage sons and enjoys spending time with them and attending all of their school activities. She loves animals and the outdoors, and you will often find her hiking on weekends. Her goal is to hike as many trails in Arizona as possible, soaking up the sunshine and the beautiful Arizona landscape.


Hammer Family

"As soon as we toured ALA Gilbert North , and [our kids] saw and felt what was there, it really changed their outlook on their future years at high school."  Learn more.

Chelsey Davis

"It's everything that we've envisioned for our children!" Learn more.

Michelle Sorensen

"The teachers go above and beyond..." Learn more.

Gomez Family

"...The one-on-one connection that they have with their teachers is really important." Learn more.

Cassie Moore

Learn more about American Leadership Academy here. Learn more.

Slade Family

Learn more about American Leadership Academy here. Learn more.

Leigh Brooks

Learn more about American Leadership Academy here. Learn more.

Quality K-12 Education. Flexible Learning.

  • Flexible learning with an A rated curriculum that fits your lifestyle.
  • Freedom to attend school with a schedule convenient for you!  
  • A  solution for credit recovery, summer school, high-performing athletes and fine arts students, and more.
  • Individualized attention with guidance and support for success.