Summer School

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7-12 Online Summer School

Summer School courses are offered between academic school years, annually. Core academic courses offer students the opportunity to recover credits, accelerate courses, or enjoy learning in a fast paced environment. All summer courses are NCAA and Cognia Accredited.


100% Virtual

Summer school courses are delivered 100% Virtually. Students may receive support in any of the following ways:

  • Asynchronous Content available 24/7

  • Email communication with the teacher

  • Virtual scheduled tutoring sessions throughout the course.

  • In person Learning Lab/Learning Center tutoring by appointment


Student Services

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Brittany Barnett 

Course Information & Catalog 2023

June 2023 (May 30 - June 30); No July Session Offered

  • Credit Recovery Courses are offered for students who have previously completed and failed any core course (by semester).

  • Accelerated Courses are offered for students who wish to complete core courses (by semester) prior to the start of the school year. Students should consult with student services to ensure course selection meets personal graduation plans. 

    • Students who wish to complete one (1) semester course are expected to complete 3-4 hours per day virtually.

    • Students who wish to complete two (2) semester courses are expected to complete 4-6 hours per day virtually.

    • Students may complete courses at any time during the session window.

    • Students who complete a semester course on or before June 13, 2023 at midnight, may be enrolled in a second (2nd) semester course. Students will not be enrolled in two courses at once.

    • Vacation notices for extended absences may be submitted, however, extensions to the June 13 and June 30 deadlines will not be granted under any circumstances.

    • Students who fail to login for 5 consecutive days may be withdrawn according to ALA Virtual Non Participation Policy and Procedures.

    • All courses must be completed no later than June 30, 2023 by noon.

    • Virtual tutoring available twice weekly during scheduled times or by appointment.

    • In person tutoring available by appointment.