Fine Arts

American Leadership Academy, West Foothills 7-12's Fine Arts programs are designed to develop the musical, creative and expressive qualities of all students.  At the Junior High and High School level, ALA offers performing arts programs in band, choir, dance, theatre, orchestra, and visual  arts. Our instructors are confident, enthusiastic  professionals who are committed to excellence. Programs vary  but  every grade level is welcome to participate, and each subject  has beginning, intermediate  and advanced sectors to choose from. 

Dannis Zazueta is the Assistant Director of Fine Arts at West Foothills 7-12 and has spent most of her professional career building , developing, teaching and mentoring fine arts curriculums. She invites you to join the tradition here on campus  which  allows students the opportunity to pursue their interests, realize their potential, and thrive. For more Information about fine arts programs she can be reached at

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Visual Art education nurtures students' imagination and creativity. In class, we analyze a variety of concepts and examine art history.

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Guardians, get more involved by joining band! We offer courses such as drumline, piano, jazz band, concert band, and more!

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Choir allows our students to develop a sense of leadership and teamwork, while cultivating their love for music education.

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We offer one-of-a-kind dance program that includes the following genres: Social, Ballroom, Hip Hop, and more. 

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Our orchestra program provides students with the ability to experience musical ensemble first-hand.

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Theatre is an integral part of American Leadership Academy, West Foothills 7-12's school culture. Learn more & get involved! 

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