7 Daily Summer Activities to Keep Children Engaged, Learning, and Busy!

Still with a few weeks left of summer, keeping the kids busy and overcoming boredom can be difficult, but keeping their minds engaged at the same time can seem like an impossible task. Parents, it doesn’t have to be. Here are seven daily activities with a literacy, writing or math connection that will help you keep their minds active for the summer and gear them up for the start of the school year!

1. Game Day

Make this day all about games. Be competitive but have fun! Play your favorite board games, create a scavenger around your house or neighborhood, or get creative and have a family cook-off - Top Chef style!

Literacy Connection - Turn your child’s favorite book into a board game! Check out this PBS article to get your kids to spend more quality time making deep dives into their favorite book with a fun game.

2. Color Day

Make a summer splash with a fun color day!  Select a color as a theme, pink, for, example. There are so many fun things you can do and keep with your color theme. Do an art project themed around pink, cook together (think pink cookies!), or have a family fashion show with everything pink! Explore a new color each week and repeat!

Writing Connection - Have your child write their your own adventure around the color theme. Help get your child started with these 75 journal prompts for kids

3. Summer Cleaning Day

OK, I know what you are thinking. How am I supposed to get the kids to clean? Try making it a game or a dance party! Give your children a task such as picking up the toys in their bedroom and challenge them to accomplish the task before the end of their favorite song. If they complete the task, they get to have a dance party to the next song. Select a different area of the house each week to de-clutter.  Check out more ideas to turn cleaning into fun at parents.com.

Math Connection - If you are going through clothes, have your child help count their items of clothing, do a clothing sort or teach your children how to graph their items they are donating.

4. Community Service Day

Volunteering can be a great way to get your children out of the house and get them engaged in their community. Teaching them about service at a young age will help equip them for a lifetime of giving back to others. Check out this list of 12 organizations in the Phoenix area where kids can volunteer.

Literacy Connection- Here is a list of 10 books to help introduce the concept of giving and generosity to add to your child’s book collection.

5. Family Blog Day

Starting a blog is a great way to document your summer memories and memories all year long! Have your child help write a weekly entry on any fun activities they did that week or summarize an awesome vacation your family took! Get creative and have them draw pictures to go along with their entries too!

Writing Connection- Teach children the writing process with drafting, editing/proofreading, and publishing. Here are some best blogging sites for kids to get you started.

6. Architectural Day

With the hot summer weather keeping us inside most days, making a fort can help bring the outdoors into your living room. This is old fashion and downright fun for everyone! Make it an overnight adventure.  Dust off the sleeping bags and snooze in your fort.  Don’t forget the smores! Use materials from your home to help create an epic blanket fort where you can watch movies and read books like The Fort That Jack Built by Boni Ashburn. Getting tired of building forts? Next week, change the idea to building a maze in your house!

Math Connection- Design a floor plan on graph paper.  Once the project is complete have children determine the fort dimensions and teach your children how to find the area and perimeter of the fort. Check out this article on how building a fort can help teach STEM skills to kids.

7. Cultural Day

How fun does Hawaiian Day, Italian, Day, Irish Day or Pioneer Day sound? This gives you the opportunity to teach your children about a new culture. Start off by watching video clips about the culture, make a craft themed around this culture or even cook a meal together!

Literacy Connection- Read about different countries cultures with these top nonfiction country books for kids on Amazon.

There are so many ways to keep your kids busy this summer. Just remember to be creative and switch it up to keep them engaged. What are your favorite educational summer activities? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Sheila Frame, Director of American Leadership Academy Gilbert South Elementary and mom of two beautiful children ages 2 and 4. 


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