8 Reading Tips to Prevent the Summer Slide

Did you know that summer reading is just as important as those 20 minutes students are asked to read during the school year? Studies show that students who do not read over summer vacation show a drop in reading progress by as much as three months. As a parent or guardian, you can help keep the summer slide at bay. There are a number of activities and tips that can help your students keep up their reading game!

1. Scout the Local Library

Your local public library is one of the best places to find a wide variety of books. Plus, most have summer reading programs with incentives as students read.

2. Design a Reading Nook

Make a space together with your kids that is inviting and comfortable for them to read in.

3. Read Aloud Daily 

When you read aloud to your children (even those older elementary ones), you help model fluency and build listening comprehension. Everyone can get involved by taking turns reading a few pages. Pick a book that the whole family will enjoy and set aside a time of day when everyone can listen. Books on audio such as CD or Audible can work as well.

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4. Beat Boredom Busters

Check out books that are related to topics your students may be interested in such as arts and crafts, coding, how to books, and cooking. These types of books encourage not only reading, but other skills such as science, math, and motor skills!

5. Encourage Kid's Choice 

Students love to choose books for themselves! Allow your kids the chance to choose books and series that are of high interest to them including comics, graphic novels, and popular fiction titles. Encourage reading in a number of forms while giving them ownership of the titles.

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6. Make Travel Connections

Find books and articles to read about the places you visit this summer. Elementary readers love to make connections between their experiences and what they have read!

7. Create Summer Journals

Create and decorate summer journals with your kids. Ask them to write about their summer activities and travels. You can also use the journals to leave them questions about what they are reading and respond to their writing.

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8. Find Tech Inspiration

Some students thrive with the technical side of life. There are a number of apps that allow for e-readers, book sharing/recommendations, and more!

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Whatever the case may be, find what inspires your students to engage in summer reading and run with it. Afterall, “Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders!” Comment below with other summer reading tips that work for your children!

Blog written by Heather Olmstead, Reading Specialist for ALA Signal Butte Elementary

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