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Exceptional Student Services

American Leadership Academy strives to offer the best education to all our students, regardless of need or ability. Through ESS, or Exceptional Student Services, we provide customized support for K-12 students with physical disabilities, mental disabilities, hearing impairments, vision impairments, learning disabilities, and speech/language impairments. 

We treat our students as family; it is important to us that they are all given the opportunity to thrive.

Get more information about our Exceptional Student Services (ESS) by scheduling a tour at one of our campuses or by contacting us directly. American Leadership Academy complies with state and Federal laws pertaining to Special Educations which includes Child Find

Public Notice: Destruction of Special Education Records

American Leadership Academy would like to make Parents/Guardians, Former Students, and Eligible (Adult) Students aware that Special Education records of students who graduated or withdrew in the 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and 2014-2015 school years will be disposed of starting December 31, 2019.

Special Education records collected by American Leadership Academy, relates to the identification, evaluation, educational placement, original signatures, or the provision of Special Education in the district. In accordance with the General Records Retention Schedule Issued to All Arizona School Districts and Charter Schools, these records must be maintained for a period of 4 years after Special Education Services have ended for the student. Special Education services end when the student is no longer eligible for services, graduates or completes his or her educational program at age 22, or moves from the district.

This notification is solely to provide awareness to the students who graduated from 2012-2015 or who left school during these years. If no student, parent or guardian responds to this public notice, the school district will assume consent to destroy all Special Education records specific to the student after December 31, 2019. Requests of student records can be emailed to Danielle LeSueur, Administrative Assistant in the ESS Department at American Leadership Academy,