Award-Winning Fine Arts Programs

"Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together."
 - John Ruskin

Award-Winning Fine Arts Programs

At American Leadership Academy, our general music program at the elementary level is designed to enhance the musical, creative, and expressive qualities of all students. Performing opportunities are offered for every child to learn the basic skills of singing, playing and reading music, and having fun while participating in these activities. We offer band, choir, and orchestra at most of our Elementary campuses and believe that fine arts programs are essential to the learning and leading process.

At the Junior High and High School level, American Leadership Academy offers Performing Arts programs in band, choir, dance, orchestra and theatre arts. Our instructors are confident, enthusiastic professionals who are committed to inclusion and excellence. Most of the ALA arts faculty members still perform professionally in their area of expertise. This provides extra mentoring and more opportunities for our students.

Programs vary at each campus, but we encourage every grade level to participate. Each subject has beginning, intermediate, and advanced sections.

Some of Our Additional Arts Programs at the 7-12th-Grade Level Include

  • Musical Theatre 
  • Music and Theatre Festivals/Tours/Competitions
  • Dance Competitions, Tours including Ballroom
  • Visual Arts 
  • Digital Photography

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