Queen Creek 7-12 AzM2/AIMS Science Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the campus-specific testing schedule?

AIMS Science Testing will be held on 3/25.

AzM2 - 7th Grade test dates: 3/30-4/1;

            8th Grade test dates: 4/1-4/3;

           10th Grade test dates: 4/6-4/8


  1. How many days will my child be testing?

In general, students will be testing for 3 days total.


  1. How will my child’s daily schedule be impacted during testing?

When students are testing they will only attend their 7th period class at the end of the day.


  1. When will testing be complete each day?

Testing should finish at approximately 2:00pm every day.


  1. Will any modifications to lunch be made?

10th grade will be the only grade level affected during AzM2 testing. For two days, 10th graders will attend A lunch.


  1. How will the school prepare my student for AzM2 & AIMS Science?

Our teachers and staff have been preparing students for the AzM2 and AIMS Science assessments all year by following the curriculum plans as well as utilizing our other technology resources. Students will be exposed to AIMS Science and AzM2 testing environment. 7th graders will practice AzM2 in the morning of 3/18. 8th graders will practice AIMS Science and AzM2 the afternoon of 3/18. 10th graders will practice AIMS Science and AzM2 the morning of 3/19.