For Earth science and 8th grade science, we have a Google Classroom! 

Important!  Google Classroom will ONLY be used to keep track of assignments.  It will NOT be used to keep track of grades.  To check your student's grades, log into Infinite Campus


Getting Started with Google Classroom


I will be posting copies of assignments on Google Classroom for you to access at home.  I will also be updating the Google Classroom calendar with due dates for assignments so that you can keep track of those due dates from home, too.  I will NOT be using google classroom as a place to keep grades--your grades are available on Infinite Campus only.  You can totally ignore the grading portion of Google Classroom.


To access Google Classroom from Home:


  1. Go to

  2. Log out of whatever personal email Google is logged into (To do this, click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then click sign out)

  3. Have your student login to his or her student email account that was issued by ALA.  If your student has forgotten his or her email or password, I can help--email me!

  4. You will NOT be able to log into your student’s google classroom unless the page is logged into your student’s ALA issued email address.

  5. Click on your student’s science classroom that appears on the page.

  6. To access assignments and links, click on the classwork tab at the top of the page. Assignments are organized by week.

  7. Then to access the calendar of due dates, click on the google calendar link at the top of the classwork page

  8. Email me at if you have questions or get stuck

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