American Leadership Academy, Gilbert North 7-12 students have access to the best curriculum and electives that our school has to offer. Explore our teaching methods, available classes, and other academic benefits at our school below. Looking for STEM, dual enrollment, and program information? Contact Student Services or start your research through our "College Ready" page.

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Our curriculum is designed for excellence. Learn about our academic experience and learning methods.

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Literacy is one of the most valuable tools we are able to provide our students. Explore our ELA program reads. 

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Becoming an entrepreneur is an inviting and promising career path. With our program, students gain the power to change the world.

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American Leadership Academy's Saxon Math curriculum provides deep, long-term mastery skills for our 7-12 students.

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Outlined from E.D. Hirsch's Core Knowledge Sequence, our history curriculum increases students comprehension. 

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At Gilbert North 7-12, students develop their ability to reason scientifically and understand the world around them. 

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We provide students, regardless or need or ability, with the best education possible. Learn about our ESS department.

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We offer a variety of electives for our 7-12 students, allowing them to build their musical, athletic, language, and speech skills.

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College Ready

As students are progressing through their high school studies, ALA wants to ensure all students are prepared for the next level of education.

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