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College Ready

American Leadership Academy, Gilbert North 7-12 is dedicated to making sure our studenets are college ready. Explore our programs and benefits below.

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College ready programs for 9-12 students

AP Placement (AP)

The Advanced Placement (AP) is a cooperative program between secondary schools and colleges/universities. Students take classes using college level materials and have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, possibly earning college credit or advanced placement if they meet the exam standards by the specific university. 

Why take an AP course?
AP will enable you to stand out in college admission, earn college credit, skip introductory college classes, save money on tuition, and build college skills and confidence. You don't need to be at the top of your class to be an AP student, but you'll want to be prepared for the AP course you choose. Some AP classes have recommended courses you should take first, and all AP courses ask that you come prepared to apply the RAISE value of Excellence. To choose an AP course that's right for you, talk to Mrs Jones or Mrs Oborne in Student Services.

We currently offer AP courses in English, Math, Science, History, and Electives, encompassing over 10 different subject areas!

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a successful acceleration program that allows students to pursue an advanced curriculum relevant to their individual post secondary interests. College credit earned prior to high school graduation reduces the average time-to-degree and increases the likelihood of graduation for the students who participate in these programs.  We currently offer Dual Enrollment within our English and Math departments.  Our Course Catalog provides detailed information regarding these college level courses. 

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Please see The Course Equivalency Guide (CEG) shows how courses transfer from community college to ASU, NAU and U of A.    Please be aware that the transferability of a course does not indicate how the course will apply to meet requirements  or specific bachelor's degrees.

Visit Course Equivalency Guide

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Program Requirements:

  • Students are required to have a minimum of 24 credits to graduate.
  • Maintain a 3.8 or higher weighted GPA.
  • Complete all Arizona Department of Education graduation requirements as well as Arizona *University admission requirements.
  • Students in the STEM program are required to complete additional credits beyond the    minimum state graduation requirements of 3 Science and 4 Math: 2-3 additional credits in *Science/Tech/Engineering (AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Honors Anatomy, Robotics, Cyberpatriot, or CTE Web Design), and a minimum of 1 additional Math credit (AP Calculus, Calculus 2, AP Statistics)
  • Summer enrichment activities are required between the 10th and 11th grade year.
    Summer Internships are required between the 11th and 12th grade year.\

STEM Honors Diploma

Students in the STEM Honors program are required to take Honors/AP classes in   Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and encouraged to take Honors classes in other core subjects.

Students are encouraged to take ENG 101/102 dual enrollment their junior year, and AP Literature their senior year, but are not required. Students must maintain a minimum 3.8-weighted G.P.A. throughout their enrollment in the program. Summer enrichment activities are required between the 10th and 11th grade year. Summer Internships are required between the 11th and 12th grade year.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide the best educational experience to as many students as possible in a moral and wholesome environment."

American Leadership Academy is dedicated to creating the best environment and future for our students. Learn more about our school and enroll, today!

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