Water Day, May 24th

WATER DAY is happening next Tuesday, May 24th!
- Students may wear bathing suits, but shorts and a t-shirt/rash guard must be worn over the bathing suit.

- Please have your children bring a change of clothes, a hat, water, and sunscreen. *Students must wear their uniform to school*

- Students may also bring water shoes.

*Please label your child's belongings*

Pre-K Students that attend MWF or PM only may attend with parental supervision at all times.

6th grade students may come to school in their water day attire, but must change into uniform clothes after the event.

No additional Water Day items can be brought by students. If a student is not interested in participating in Water Day, they can bring a book and read in the garden. Due to supervision requirements, students cannot play in any other location during their Water Day time slot.