Assessments and Standards

Assessments and Standards

Our School Performance Grade was calculated by the state based on student achievement (80%) and growth (20%) for students grades 3rd through 6th. The indicators and the proficiency standard or benchmark used for achievement included:

  • Annual EOG mathematics and reading assessments in grades 3–8 and science assessments in grade 5 and 8 (Level 3 and above on EOG tests)

Please note that only one state school grade is calculated for our school, despite the EOG test administration to both elementary (3–5) and middle school (6–9) students. Literature about the letter grade calculated by the state, clearly states that the grade is not to be used as a ranking tool, because side-by-side school comparisons cannot be made due to grades served, size of the student body, the curriculum taught, and programs implemented.

There is also no percentage of the grade that scores the efficacy or rigor of the Core Knowledge Language Arts Sequence, Social Studies instruction, or teaching of Science in any grade other than 5th at ALA Coastal. This year, with the addition of a Director of Academics and teachers committed to raising achievement scores and emphasizing the state standards while continuing with Core Knowledge and Singapore Math instruction, we are confident in increased outcomes.

At ALA Coastal we take great pride in the alternative curriculum that our talented teachers implement each day. We believe in the importance of history, civics, hands-on experiences, and integration of literature, citizenship, and the arts. At ALA Coastal we focus on the whole child and we believe that learning styles and academic interests matter when engaging students in and out of the classroom. We agree with the statement on the NCDPI website that these are all upgraded, but “crucial aspects of the school community” that are not reflected in our school report card.

Our school report card can be viewed at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

American Leadership Academy, Coastal School Performance Grade and Score:


2023 - 57% C

2022 - 54% D

2021 - No Score or Letter Grade (COVID Impact)

2020 - No Score or Letter Grade (COVID Impact)

2019 - 56% C