20 Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

We all know that freshman year of high school can be scary and intimidating but ALSO full of opportunities and changes. We wanted to know if upperclassman could go back in time, what would they have told their freshman selves. What would they have done differently, done less or more of, and what advice they would give to enhance their high school experience?

We asked ALA QCHS students who’ve been there to share their advice for making the most of their high school years! Here’s what they had to say:


1.  Try to be different, instead of trying to fit in. -Mary

2.  I wish that I didn’t care what people thought of me, and would have been myself rather than trying to be what other people expected of me. -Ammo

3. Don’t try to act like everyone else, be your own unique person! -Layla


4.  Smile ALWAYS! :) - Layla

5. Smile and laugh and chill and relax. When you are happy others gain happiness from you. -Anonymous

6. You’re awesome no matter what! -Anonymous


7. When I was a freshman, I told myself I was going to be student body president so I made friends with everyone and my goal was accomplished. I am now student body president! -Kasen

8.  Be involved in ALA! The school has so many clubs, sports and electives so be a part of something. -Layla

9.  Go to every event possible on campus! -Anonymous

10. Sports are amazing but not everything! -Ethan

11. Embrace the difference that ALA has to offer. -Camryn


12.  Be kind to people and be a friend to everyone! -Anonymous

13.  Be super close to your family because they can help you so much in life. -Anonymous

14.  Remember, everyone is going through something, so just be kind always. -Mary


15. Grades matter in the end so give it all you’ve got! -Layla

16.  Let everyone know who you are. BE LOUD! -Anonymous


17.  The older students aren’t judging you for your every move! My best advice is to just get past the fear and make this year good with no regrets! - Macey

18.   Lunch isn’t as scary as you think, sit wherever! -Anonymous

19.   Don’t be afraid to talk to someone older than you. -Anonymous

20.   People will respect you more if you make an effort to go up to them - DON’T be scared! -Anonymous

Freshman year is definitely a learning experience. Hopefully, these tips can inspire those just starting their high school journey to make the best of their Freshman year! Do you have any other tips for freshman? Let us know in the comments below!