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Mesa Summer Mini Camps are here!

Due to recent guidelines sent out by the governor, we have decided it is best to cancel our upcoming summer camp to ensure the health and safety of our campers and staff. All refunds were processed today and will be refunded in 5-7 business days.


Technology Camp:

Students will work together to build a website and will continue to gain more knowledge about coding. Elementary students can continue to grow upon their knowledge regarding the tech industry with fun, interactive activities that encompass necessary computer skills. 

Session 1 (July 7-9 from 9-11 AM): 1st-3rd grade

Session 2 (July 14-16 from 9-11 AM): 4th-6th grade

Cooking Camp: Kids in the Kitchen:

Summer never tasted so good!  Young chefs will learn a variety of cooking and baking skills while being taught the basics of safety in the kitchen.  Kids will learn how to follow a recipe, proper measuring, using appropriate tools, and proper clean up.  They will bring home several simple recipes that they can easily recreate in their own kitchen.

Session 1: July 7-9 from 9-11 AM

Session 2: July 7-9 from 1-3 PM


Art Camp: Painting on Canvas:

Students will participate in the full process, from initial sketch to finishing details, of creating an acrylic painting on canvas.  Each participant will take home their finished, ready-to-hang canvas at the end of the camp.

Session 1: July 14-16 from 9-11 AM

Session 2: July 14-16 from 1-3 PM


Science & Experiments Camp:

Students will get to explore fun physics, biology, and chemistry science experiments during a 3-day mini camp at ALA Mesa Elementary School. 

Session 1: July 7-9 from 1-3 PM

Session 2: July 14-16 from 1-3 PM

Camp Agenda:

Day 1: Physics - Newton’s 3 laws
Bumper cars (conservation of momentum)
Bottle rockets (Newton’s 3rd law) – in five teams of four

Day 2: Biology – Building blocks of life
Observe cells under a microscope
Build cells from fruit

Day 3: Chemistry - Physical vs. chemical changes
Dissolve sugar & Kool-aid into water (physical change)
Baking soda /vinegar volcanoes (chemical change)