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ALA Seniors Graduate with State Seal of Arts Proficiency

Twelve seniors at American Leadership Academy Queen Creek High School were awarded the 2020 State Seal of Fine Arts Proficiency during the inaugural year of the new program implemented by the Arizona Department of Education. ALA was one of 58 high schools in Arizona to participate in this program.  

ALA students will receive seals on their high school diplomas in one of the following fine arts categories: Dance, Media Arts, Music, and Theatre Arts. Each student worked with a campus mentor/teacher to produce a senior capstone project in their area of expertise. Their project was graded on a rubric by Dannis Zazueta, ALA Queen Creek's Assistant Director of Fine Arts, and then approved by the ADE.

"As these graduates enter the workforce, attend college or become a professional artist, this program enables them, much like a scholar athlete, to be able to show either on their resume or in an interview how they have excelled in their particular discipline." Zazueta said. 

558 graduates of the State Seal of Arts Proficiency program participated in a combined total of more than 17,550 hours of arts extra curricular activities during the school year. A total of 591 seals were awarded in Arizona in five fine arts disciplines with some students who obtained recognition in more than one fine arts area. 

ALA Queen Creek High School received a letter from the Arizona Department of Education recognizing the graduates. The letter was signed by Dustin Loehr and Haley Honeman from the ADE Arts Education Department. 

"We know that the memories students made, the 21st Century skills they developed, and the emotional intelligence & relationships they gained throughout their arts education will serve them for years to come," Loehr and Honeman wrote in the letter. "We imagine some graduates will pursue successful careers in the creative industries sector which employed 3.48 million people in the United States and 74,688 people in the state of Arizona in 2017. Other graduates will use the experiences they gained through their arts education to enrich their lives and the lives of others in whatever field they choose to pursue."

Congratulations to the following students on receiving the 2020 State Seal of Fine Arts Proficiency in the following categories:

Dance Seals

  • Keli Ann Shinsato
  • William Whitlock
  • Andra Graham

Media Arts Seal

  • Kadence Lawlor

Music Seal

  • Reagan Metz

Theatre Arts Seals

  • Aisha Brown
  • Justin Palmer
  • Kara Randall
  • Ashton Spencer
  • Christian Bribiescas 
  • Finn Hesler
  • Phoebe Chandler