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Enrollment & Health Forms

Enrollment forms

Arizona Residency Form

Required by the state of Arizona for each student enrolling. Please fill out the section that applies to your residency and provide one of the approved forms of proof from the list. This form is required at the time of Enrollment or if a change of address is needed please submit a new form with proof to your campus.

E-9 Immunization Notification Form

Before a child may attend any Arizona school (public, private, parochial, or charter), Arizona law requires that an immunization record be presented to the school or child care staff by the parent/guardian. The immunization record is usually the one given to parents/guardians by their doctor or clinic, and must show the date each required vaccine dose was received as well as the signature or stamp of the health care provider.

Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Eligibility Forms

We request that all re-enrolling and enrolling families complete the Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Eligibility Form each academic year. This form will allow the Arizona Department of Education to determine ALA’s eligibility for additional financial assistance to improve reading and math instruction. Please note that personal data remains confidential. Since our eligibility is calculated based on the number of participants, we are asking for full participation from our ALA families. Please select what applies to your family “Indicator 1, Indicator 2, or NO (Neither).

Just by participating, you could help ALA with an increased opportunity to receive eligible funding. Funds will be utilized to add highly qualified reading and math teachers and paraprofessionals to the ALA team. Teachers and Paraprofessionals will provide supplemental student learning resources under the Title I Targeted Assistance Program for our lowest performing students.

Illness Policy

We appreciate your partnership in helping ALA maintain a healthy school environment. Please review the list of symptoms that would be reason for you to keep your child home until they recover.

Media Disclaimer


This form is required at the time of enrollment by the state of Arizona to ensure students are assessed if necessary for English Proficiency.

Records Request

Please fill out per enrolling student with the information of the previous school attended. This will provide the campus the entire student file transfer. (JH and HS students will still need to submit transcripts at the time of registering.)

Health forms

Asthma Action Plan

If your child has Asthma, please fill out the attached Asthma Action Plans and return them to your campus health office.


Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis

If your child has a food allergy and requires an Epi-Pen, please fill out the following action plan and return it to your campus health office.


If you child has Epilepsy, please fill out the attached action plan and return it to your campus health office.