Student Spotlight

Continued from the homepage. We are extremely proud of our students for their amazing academic, athletic, musical, fine arts, and personal accomplishments. 

Kasen Rogers, PROJECT 100

As our Student Government (STUGO) President, Kasen conceived and implemented Project 100 - a program that challenged all students to make 100 new friends.  The program was a phenomenal success and was fundamental to an amazing year.

Jessica Blau, TGen Bioscience Leadership Academy

We are so proud of Jessica  for being selected to participate in the prestigious TGen Bioscience Leadership Academy this summer.  She excelled in the program while gaining valuable experiences.  Her outstanding work was recognized with a scholarship at the conclusion of the program.

Katie McBratney, AIA Div 3A Swimmer of the Year

Katie was recognized as AIA’s Div 3A Swimmer of the Year for her extraordinary achievements this past year.  She set multiple records,  was the all-division 200 IM Champion, and was an All-American top 100 swimmer in the 100m breaststroke.