Our Staff

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Jennifer Anderson

Titles: Teacher

Stephanie Babbitt

Titles: 2nd Grade Teacher

Patsy Budinger

Titles: Teacher

Carli Cummings

Titles: Specials Teacher

Donna Dempsey

Titles: Teacher

Julie Dewhirst

Titles: Teacher

Sean Ellis

Titles: 4th Grade Teacher

Carrie Greer

Titles: 3rd Grade Teacher

Carmen Gutierrez

Titles: OM

Tonia Hoyle

Titles: Resource Teacher

Richelle Lewis

Titles: AD

Tamra Lindley

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher

Kori Littler

Titles: Tech Teacher

Kate Long

Titles: 5th Grade Teacher

Ruthann Miller

Titles: PE Teacher

Amy Munley

Titles: Teacher

Rhonda Myers

Titles: 5th Grade Teacher

Lawrence Nai

Titles: Teacher

Rachel Nail

Titles: Special Education Teacher

Olivia Nebeker

Titles: 6th Grade Teacher

Traci Notch

Titles: Teacher

Christy Pauly

Titles: Teacher

Olivia Ruth

Titles: Teacher

Samuel Schroeder

Titles: IT Technician

Samantha Seaman

Titles: Teacher

Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide the best educational experience to as many students as possible in a moral and wholesome environment."

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